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Highlands Post Column Feb-2015

Highlands Post (Outreach Media)

Those crazy Finlanders! If hubby is strong and wifey weighs more than 49kg they can enter as a team in the ‘Wife-Carrying World Championships’. The rules are simple: carry your wife along a 253 metre obstacle course traversing land and water. The first couple to the finish line (hopefully with marriage intact) is crowned winner. The prize? The woman’s weight in beer!

What a way to quench a thirst!

Whether it’s sporting glory, money, marriage, holidays, a successful career, a nice home or even just good health, we all thirst for something, don’t we? But have you ever stopped to think if you can be truly satisfied in life? Or will you spend the rest of your years running an obstacle course, always chasing happiness?

Jesus understood the longings in our heart and reminded us that we’ll never be satisfied with what comes from this world. One day, while speaking to a woman at a well, He spoke of a spiritual drink that would change a person forever. He said:

“Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (John 4:13-14)

The drink Jesus spoke of was the Holy Spirit. He promised that whoever stopped living in defiance of God came to Him would have God’s Holy Spirit poured into them and receive the gift of eternal life.

Imagine having true satisfaction! Well God is the answer. Thirsty for love? – Then get to know God! Thirsty for forgiveness? – God is willing. Thirsty for meaning in life? – God has a clear purpose for you. How about justice and peace? – Well you’ll have to wait for heaven to experience those fully. Fear of death? – Jesus died on the cross so that you can live. All of this satisfaction is forever!

If these promises are making you thirsty then you may be wondering how you can quench it. A great place to start is by reading about God’s promises and plan which He has revealed in the Bible. It’s extraordinary how timeless the Bible is. It speaks to people in every age and culture and it was given to help us make sense of those longings and desires that we so often think about.

In a restless world, only God can truly satisfy. He promises security and long-lasting happiness. He acts for your goodness and quenches your thirsts once you invite Jesus into your life. So, why not start by reading about this astounding good news in a Bible? Or give me a call me to talk it through?

Ian Brunton

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